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Is this the ‘Year of the Road Trip’?

RV With A Canyon In The Background

With summer right around the corner, many families across the country have already begun planning their family vacations. Over the past few years, with gas prices being high, most people have stayed closer to home or booked flights and headed out to their destinations. However, due to the recent drop in the price of gas,… Read more »

Great American Road Trips, Twelve of Twelve; Northern Rockies

Hot Springs at the Yellowstone National Park

Reaching well into Canada’s Yukon Territories and Western British Columbia, the northern span of the Rockies in the United States runs through Wyoming, Idaho and Montana. In this final section of our coverage of Great American Road Trips, see what’s in store for your journey through some of the most awe-inspiring destinations in America. Yellowstone… Read more »

Great American Road Trips, Eleven of Twelve; Central Rockies

Rocky Mountain Road Trip

Including portions of Wyoming, Colorado, Utah and New Mexico, the Rockies span nearly the length of the continent along the Rocky Mountain ridge. The central section of the range is technically a very arid, desert environment – something that many people don’t realize before they visit the region – but the Rockies offer a vast… Read more »

Great American Road Trips, Ten of Twelve; Alaska

Alaskan Port

When Alaska was first purchased from the Russians in 1867 for $7 million, many were skeptical. Many at the time blamed Secretary of State William Seward for what was thought to be an enormous waste of taxpayer dollars. Adding 587,000 square miles to the United States, the acquisition was a steal – with the purchasing… Read more »

Great American Road Trips, Nine of Twelve; Pacific Northwest

Long View of Mountain Capped In Snow

When Lewis and Clark set their sights on the western frontier, there was a light at the end of the tunnel – and that light was the Pacific Northwest. A gem on the eastern edge of the Pacific Ocean, this region is unparalleled in its unique collection of flora and fauna. Puget Sound Host to… Read more »

Great American Road Trips, Four of Twelve: The South

Sun Setting Over Forest

The American South is a region so vast it has it has developed its very own culture. Southern food is some of the most prolific in the entire world and should be thoroughly experienced everywhere from the shores of North Carolina to the streets of New Orleans. But beyond the food, the American South is… Read more »

Great American Road Trips, Three of Twelve: Mid-Atlantic

Garden View With White House In Background

A gateway between the American South and the bustling big cities of the Northeast, the Mid-Atlantic States offer a perfect mix of cosmopolitan, classic Americana tourism and relaxed southern charm. A populous region with plenty to do and see, including one of the nicest baseball stadiums in the major leagues at Camden Yards, the Mid-Atlantic… Read more »

Great American Road Trips, Two of Twelve: Northeast

Looking Up At The Niagara Falls

The oldest region in the country, the American northeast has not only a great scenic landscape to enjoy but is also steeped in rich culture. Historic and scenic, the northeast is the most diverse parts of the nation to experience. And for the most vibrant of backdrops, most travelers prefer to take on this particular… Read more »

Top California Road Trip Stops

Scenic Ocean View From RV

Everyone knows California has some of the most spectacular natural wonder in the entire world. And all of it is accessible to road vehicles via the 387,000 miles of road spanning the state. From the beaches of southern California to the redwood forests of northern California, exploring the region is truly a world-class experience. Stretching… Read more »

Best RV Parks to Visit This Fall

Autumn is the perfect time to hit the open road; the temperature is just right, the scenery is exquisite and conveniently enough, there are a few holiday weekends to take advantage of. Road tripping the nation in your RV allows you to take in the sights of our great country while maintaining the utmost comfort…. Read more »