Bringing Pets on Your Camping Trip

Traveling with pets can be very complicated, depending on where and how you’re traveling. Trains and planes can be picky about what kind of pets can travel with you, and operators may charge exorbitant fees to allow your furry friend a seat. That’s why camping and RVing with your dogs and even cats is the perfect way to take your companion on vacation with you without the restrictions or rules that you’ll run into with other modes of transportation.

Camping with Your DogOf course, while it’s much easier to take your pet with you, there are some things you should keep in mind when you’re out RVing with your pets. The first thing you need to think about is your dog’s health. If he or she is on medication, make sure to bring enough for the length of your trip – and a bit extra, in case of an emergency or travel delays. As Love Your RV notes, you don’t want to rely on veterinary offices far from home that have never seen your pet to provide you with meds your pet needs in a pinch.

You should also research the area you’re going to and find out if there are different rules about what vaccinations pets need to have – especially if you’re traveling internationally. You should also make sure you know where a local veterinarian’s office is near your destination, just in case. Bring your pet’s documents with you – including vaccination records – either in hard copy or on a thumb drive that you can give to a vet.

The next thing you should consider is your dog’s digestive system. Given that dogs – like many of us – like to eat food they’re familiar with, many people who are planning on taking an extended RV camping trip like to make sure that their dog is used to a brand of dog food that’s available in stores across the country. If your pup is used to a specialty brand, but you’re not able to find it when you need to stock up, your dog could suffer from digestive problems – on of the last things you want to deal with on the road.

Campsite etiquette is also very important, reminds If you’re leaving your dog behind for a while to run an errand or go for a hike (with the AC or heat left on in your rig) your dog could annoy your campsite neighbors with barking and crying. Make sure your dog is trained to sleep quietly in his crate while you’re away. If your dog has separation anxiety, you may need to leave the TV on in the background to distract them from the fact that you’re not there.

Camping and RVing are great ways to spend a vacation with your whole family, including the furry ones. If you think ahead and head out on the road fully prepared, your trip with your pup might just be the best vacation you’ve had yet.

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