RV-ing is Changing Its Way of Thinking

RV-ing is changing for the better these days. The world in general is changing its mindset because of economic and environmental issues, which means the RV industry is following suit. Many people have this idea that RV’s are gas-guzzling beasts that don’t make for good vacationing because of the tank that you have to drive and take care of. It seems like a great expense, but this is changing as we speak due to Eco-Friendly Manufacturing.

Camping trailer for the simple camperEnergy Efficient Movement

Moving towards sustainability and environmentally friendly RV’s can be extremely beneficial to everyone who has thought of traveling with an RV. You are opening the doorway to a new market of people who would’ve never considered it before because of cost and the headaches that come with taking care of the vehicle. Now, moving toward energy-efficient RV trailers and campers that are simple and stylistic to everyone’s taste is helping the industry grow. There is a movement of adventurers and go-getters out there that are looking to live and travel simply, and now they have another option to do so. Building lightweight campers and trailers with solar power, high-efficient appliances, and smart water use will keep costs down and sustainable energy growing.

Simplicity and Style

There is a stereotypical look to RV’s and campers, which reminds us of the bulky looking vehicles that are a pain to handle. But there are many more styles to fit everyone’s taste. Manufacturers are turning back to the roots of camping, which means it only needs the essentials. Keeping it simple and efficient without all the crazy gadgets will draw in the “off-the-grid” travelers and adventurers.

Here are some newer campers and RV trailers that are going back to simplicity and attractive designs:

  • Airstream Nest – This futuristic trailer is 17-feet long looking like a space shuttle that is 3400 pounds. It doesn’t need a large-towing vehicle to pull it. It sleeps two and has a small kitchen.
  • Hutte Hut – This small trailer tent on wheels is 15 feet is only 850 pounds and is perfect for two people to go camping and travel.
  • Taxa Cricket – This 15-foot trailer could sleep two adults and two children with a pop-up tent that provides 6’4” standing height. This is a tent on wheels that is simple and the best for a small family camping trip.
  • American Dream Trailer – This classic design trailer is 11.5 feet long weighing 650 pounds, which can hold up to 500 pounds of people and camping gear.

There are so many camper and RV trailer options for everyone’s styles and needs. Camping is transforming in our country, and we are getting back to those adventure roots we once had in this country. Think about going cross-country with a couple friends towing your energy-efficient trailer. The trip will be that much more enjoyable knowing that you have all you need, and you can sleep comfortably in your vehicle. The excursion becomes a life-changing trip that will be unforgettable.

Hemet Valley RV

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