We offer a full range of lamination solutions through our partner, allowing us to be one of the only third-party laminate siding suppliers in the industry. With orders submitted every Monday, you can trust that your siding will be completed quickly so that you can move forward with your repairs or remodeling.

Lamilux 1000 (.045)
– Most popular, standard Filon exterior skin
– Bright high-gloss white with slight fiber hair texture
– Stocking 102- and 108-inch wide rolls

Lamilux 4000 (.065)
– High-glossed, polished look mostly used on luxury RV’s
– Stocking 96- and 102-inch wide rolls

Lamilux 1000 and Lamilux 4000 are the most commonly used laminate siding products, and each can be laminated to Luan in either a single 1/8-inch layer or double 1/4-inch layer. For front walls of the RV, we can laminate to Unicore, which is a cardboard type product that can be scored and bent to fit the contours of your front profile and top wrap.