Top Trips to Take Before Heading Back to School

Now that we’re halfway through August, the end of summer is now showing up on the horizon. Some schools have already reopened, while others have only a few weeks remaining before classes resume. There are only a few chances left to take an RV trip with your family this summer, but fortunately there are a number of great places in the region to visit out on a final summer family road trip. Here are a few of the top destinations to visit in these waning days of summer.

Huntington Beach

A great area for families, Huntington Beach has the beach – of course – and opportunities for great surfing as well. For those who want options for evening entertainment, there’s also fun nightlife for people of all ages. The area has a number of fantastic restaurants, too, not to mention some other ways to experience the outdoors.

Redwood National ParkRedwood National Park

If Huntington Beach sounds a bit too urban for you, and the outdoors is more your speed, Redwood National Forest outside San Francisco is as majestic a place as there is on Earth. Take some time to go check it out and explore the beautiful and ancient trees that are the tallest on the planet.

Del Valle

What is better than wine and camping? Not much! Nestled in wine country, Del Valle features a rustic campground that is perfect for campers making a pit stop on their way to San Francisco. Of course, you can stop at some of the area vineyards during the day and bring back some bottles for a fun night by the campfire.

June Beach

If you’ve done the wine scene, swing by June Beach for some fishing instead. You can bring back rainbow or Alpers trout – two popular and tasty species that taste great when grilled over a campfire. Also take time to drive around the lake and soak in some of the most stunning views in California.

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