Tips for Taking a Road Trip With Your Dog

marshoneyNEWSRoad trips give us the opportunity to roam the country at our own pace, providing countless options for entertainment and exploration. In the past, going on vacations might have forced you to kennel your dog for the duration of the trip. With an RV, however, you’ll have enough room to bring your dog along for the ride as well.

Ready to travel the open road with your dog? Here are a few key tips to keep in mind during your journey.

Medication/Veterinary Info

You never know what medical issues might crop up on a long trip. Be sure to pack copies of your dog’s veterinary records, including x-rays, shot information and medical histories. Do some research in advance to find out if there are any parasites such as ticks or heartworms that are common in the areas you’ll be visiting.

Bring along a medicine kit with medications, bandages and other necessary supplies in case you are not close to an animal hospital. If your dog requires any prescription medication, bring enough for the whole trip.

Food and Water

Your dog may get digestive problems if you switch him to different dog food brands throughout your travels. Consider putting your dog on a brand of dog food widely available in many locations. This way, wherever you travel you can find your dog’s brand in a store nearby. If you can, purchase enough food for your entire trip before you leave, plus extra for emergencies.

Consider storing the dog food in a plastic bin to keep the food fresh. If you won’t always have access to fresh water, pack a portable water purifier to keep you and your pooch hydrated in remote areas.


Dogs need to run around, move and explore. Traveling in an RV requires your dog to be in small areas for extended periods of time. Provide your pet with daily opportunities to get some exercise—take them on your hike, go on a short jog, etc. Get out of the RV and allow your dog to stretch. You’ll appreciate the break, too!

Include your contact information on your dog’s collar, or consider chipping him in case he happens to wander too far from the RV. This way, you’ll have an easier time getting your furry friend back home.

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