Money-Saving Tips for Your Next RV Trip

It’s almost February, which means that if you aren’t already planning a spring road trip in your RV, now is the time! Check out these tips for ways to save money while traveling in your RV:

Money-Saving Tips for Your Next RV TripPark Fees

Your biggest savings can be found in park fees. Some luxury parks boast tons of amenities and might even require you to lease or buy a space on top of paying park fees. Don’t go to these parks. Check out a list of state parks for your local area (here is one for camping in California parks). Prices in state parks range anywhere from $0 to $500, so choose wisely.

Choose to travel during the off-season for an additional savings in park fees. Even if a park doesn’t advertise these reduced rates, always ask.

Ask for a discount! Are you staying for a few weeks? Months? Are you military? A senior citizen? Student?

If you plan on traveling to many National Parks, invest in an Annual Parks Pass. You’ll save on big destinations like Yellowstone, The Grand Canyon and Mount Rushmore. Even better, the NPS offers a discount on these passes for seniors, 4th graders, military members, and volunteers. The pass will gain you unlimited entry into a million different National Parks across the United States.


Absolutely plan on making your own food. One of the many benefits of camping in an RV is your access to a kitchen. Find fun campfire recipes ahead of time and stock ingredients in your RV.

For the most savings, use your campfire to cook. This way, you’ll save on gas and electric in your RV.

Miscellaneous Saving Tips

Did your RV come with standard light bulbs? Consider changing them to LEDs to save energy.

As is true with life in the rest of the world, you can save a ton of money by buying only what you need. You don’t need to spend money on things like a refrigerated camping cooler or a 4-burner grill stove. You have everything you need right in your RV.

Find a park that offers a free Laundromat (or take advantage of a nearby friend/family member). Always bring your own stock of detergent and dryer sheets.

Keep it parked. In addition to getting a discount for staying in a park long term, you’ll save on gas.

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