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Money-Saving Tips for Your Next RV Trip

RV On A Trip Through Mountains

It’s almost February, which means that if you aren’t already planning a spring road trip in your RV, now is the time! Check out these tips for ways to save money while traveling in your RV: Park Fees Your biggest savings can be found in park fees. Some luxury parks boast tons of amenities and… Read more »

Tips for Taking a Road Trip With Your Dog

Dog Popping It's Head Out Of The RV

Road trips give us the opportunity to roam the country at our own pace, providing countless options for entertainment and exploration. In the past, going on vacations might have forced you to kennel your dog for the duration of the trip. With an RV, however, you’ll have enough room to bring your dog along for… Read more »

Top Trips to Take Before Heading Back to School

Now that we’re halfway through August, the end of summer is now showing up on the horizon. Some schools have already reopened, while others have only a few weeks remaining before classes resume. There are only a few chances left to take an RV trip with your family this summer, but fortunately there are a… Read more »

Keeping Kids Cool: Ways to Stay Sane on Your Road Trip

Summer road trips can be really fun, but if you have kids in tow, your little ones can become restless quickly – and equally quickly driving you insane! Don’t listen to choruses of “Are we there yet?” by planning ahead some ways to keep your kids occupied while you’re out on the road. Lay Down… Read more »

Bringing Pets on Your Camping Trip

Traveling with pets can be very complicated, depending on where and how you’re traveling. Trains and planes can be picky about what kind of pets can travel with you, and operators may charge exorbitant fees to allow your furry friend a seat. That’s why camping and RVing with your dogs and even cats is the… Read more »

Is this the ‘Year of the Road Trip’?

RV With A Canyon In The Background

With summer right around the corner, many families across the country have already begun planning their family vacations. Over the past few years, with gas prices being high, most people have stayed closer to home or booked flights and headed out to their destinations. However, due to the recent drop in the price of gas,… Read more »

Great American Road Trips, Twelve of Twelve; Northern Rockies

Hot Springs at the Yellowstone National Park

Reaching well into Canada’s Yukon Territories and Western British Columbia, the northern span of the Rockies in the United States runs through Wyoming, Idaho and Montana. In this final section of our coverage of Great American Road Trips, see what’s in store for your journey through some of the most awe-inspiring destinations in America. Yellowstone… Read more »

Great American Road Trips, Eleven of Twelve; Central Rockies

Rocky Mountain Road Trip

Including portions of Wyoming, Colorado, Utah and New Mexico, the Rockies span nearly the length of the continent along the Rocky Mountain ridge. The central section of the range is technically a very arid, desert environment – something that many people don’t realize before they visit the region – but the Rockies offer a vast… Read more »

Great American Road Trips, Ten of Twelve; Alaska

Alaskan Port

When Alaska was first purchased from the Russians in 1867 for $7 million, many were skeptical. Many at the time blamed Secretary of State William Seward for what was thought to be an enormous waste of taxpayer dollars. Adding 587,000 square miles to the United States, the acquisition was a steal – with the purchasing… Read more »

Great American Road Trips, Nine of Twelve; Pacific Northwest

Long View of Mountain Capped In Snow

When Lewis and Clark set their sights on the western frontier, there was a light at the end of the tunnel – and that light was the Pacific Northwest. A gem on the eastern edge of the Pacific Ocean, this region is unparalleled in its unique collection of flora and fauna. Puget Sound Host to… Read more »