Technical RV Tips

 RV Technical Issues Repairs and TipsHollywood loves to make films about those disasters us family RV trips where just about everything goes wrong. While the viewer’s sit back and chuckle because the family’s mishaps are actually really funny, for real-life RV’ers, they are anything but funny.

Problems can happen to just about anyone and when you least expect it. One of the best pieces of advice a newbie RV’er can get is to learn the technical stuff for the RV they are driving ahead of time.

The technical stuff that’s referred to in this blog are supplemental brake system, vehicle towing, the battery and storage of the RV when not in use. Aside from the obvious battery or brake malfunction being extremely dangerous, the others can become quite the nuisance.

If you’re towing an extra vehicle, it is wise to purchase a supplemental brake system so that you can see what is going on with the vehicle’s brakes when you’re driving the RV. Having a system that provides a breakaway notification as well as audible and visual brakes applied notification are key.

Anyone who is operating an RV should know what kind of battery the RV is using and what to do when the battery goes bad. Your appliances rely on a battery so make sure to quiz the manufacturer if you’re not sure how the battery works.

Storing your RV should always begin and end with a checklist. A checklist is the most reliable way of knowing that you’ve covered everything.

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