Make the Most of Your RV Makeover

The interior of an RV can become a creative designer’s playground when it comes to remodeling the inside. Even if you’re not a designer by nature, there are some amazing and simple ways to create a magnificent space for taking road trips with your friends and family.

Woman standing in remodeled RV

Recycling Old Furniture

When deciding to give your RV interior a makeover, you’re going to want to look at all of your options when it comes to rearranging space and saving as much money as you can.

Recycling used furniture that you already own is a great idea. If the furniture is in good condition, consider what pieces you can utilize for the interior. This will save you money on shopping for new furniture pieces. Using tables, chairs, couches, futons that you own can help redesign the inside of your moving home.

Drop the Clutter

Get rid of all the nonsense that may already be in the RV or camper. If you have furniture or items that are taking up space that may not be used, get rid of them. Create more space for your trips. You may not need a flat screen tv to keep your family engaged. Make your new RV interior minimal and simple.

Here are some ideas to eliminate the clutter and maximize space:

  • Remove the Television – C’mon! Do you really need to watch tv when you’re on an adventurous road trip in a moving home?
  • Household Cooking Essentials – Stocking your RV or camper with only the essential cooking tools is important. Think camping instead of gourmet cooking items for your trip.
  • Maximize Storage Space – Clothes, blankets, footwear, first-aid, and other tools for RV camping and travel should be stored away in drawers under the bed, couch and other places out of the way.
  • Make a list – Make a list of the things you need, and you don’t need. This will help you see the unnecessary items in your RV.

Get Creative with Design and Themes

When you’re doing a makeover inside the RV, you’re going to want a new look. Get creative with how you can make the inside of your RV design and themes. Check out these awesome RV decorating ideas that keep it simple and inexpensive.

Revamping the Outside:

Don’t forget about the outside of the camper or RV! You may have put a great amount of work into the interior, but your exterior may need some touching up. When it comes to RV siding, Hemet Valley RV fiberglass sidingis a great way to improve the durability and shine of the outside.

We can offer different solid color RV Siding styles for you to choose from!


Your RV Entry Door may need to be upgraded if it’s been through road trip after road trip. The benefits of a new door will prevent insects, unwanted airflow, dirt, and other debris from entering the vehicle. You also don’t want any broken locks or screens that can cause a safety hazard while traveling because that could give you a headache later on in the course of the trip.

One great advantage of getting siding from Hemet Valley RV is that we are one of the only third-party laminate siding suppliers in the RV industry thanks to our partnership. This is a quick job you can have done to your RV and not waste any time with your other repairs, remodeling, and makeover projects.

Hemet Valley RV

Hemet Valley RVoffers repairs and remodels for RV siding and entry doors. We also offer laminate siding, as well as storage for your RV. We believe that keeping your vehicle up-to-date and new is the best way to enjoy your next road trip. Contact us at 951-765-5075!