Lamilux 1000 (.045)
– Most popular, standard filon exterior skin
– Bright high-gloss white with slight fiber hair texture
– Stocking 108 inch wide rolls

Lamilux 4000 (.065)
– High-glossed, polished look mostly used on luxury RV’s
– Stocking 96 and 108 inch wide rolls

Both Lamilux 1000 and 4000 can be laminated to Luan (single 1/8″ layer or double 1/4″ layer).

For front wall skins we no longer laminate to Unicore.  After 40 years we have finally found a  bendable sub-straight PWP (Plastic Type Product) to replace Unicore.  We have found our best results by laminating hybrid parts using the PWP in the curved areas and 1/8″ Luan in the straight areas.

Below is an example of how we measure our PWP/Luan Skins:

Example of how PWP/Luan Skins are measured

RV Filon / Fiberglass Siding

Hemet Valley RV specializes in professional services and products to complete your mobile vacation getaway. Our RV Filon and Fiberglass siding selections help renew and reinforce your RV with top-quality materials and a new shine.

We provide a wide array of replacement pieces, updates and repairs for almost any RV or travel trailer, including a wide selection of siding options. Siding selections blend seamlessly to your RV’s profile and provide a clean, polished look to your vehicle. New siding is ideal for restoration projects or for renewing trusted family vacation vehicles displaying scratches, dents, rust or weather damage.

We’ve proudly served thousands of avid RV owners in California and helped them get the most out of every mile in their vehicle. Look through our Filon and Fiberglass siding options to find the perfect fit for your vehicle or contact us to help locate a special piece. We take pride in exceptional knowledge and customer service and strive to make each buying experience easy, efficient and affordable. Contact us by phone at 951-765-5075 or by email at, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.