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Vintage trailers


Welcome to our blog!  God bless antique America from Hemet Valley RV Siding & Storage, the best siding manufacturer in the nation and the best RV storage facility in California.

Americans are crazy for antiques and vintage items.  Shows like Pawn Stars, American Pickers, and American Restoration are some of the most-viewed shows on cable.  Such shows have contacted me in terms of merchandise and have even purchased from Hemet Valley RV Siding.  The trailer industry is going Hollywood and we might be too!

Families and collectors are flocking to flea markets and secondhand stores like never before.  It might be safe to say that America is going through an antique renaissance.  People nationwide want to rescue and restore.  The trailer industry is no different.  The vintage trailer industry is really booming.  It has crept up in through the back door over the past five years.  Canned ham trailers, for example, are hot items right now.

Canned hams get their name from their round shape; they look like canned meat that you buy from the grocery store.  This kind of trailer was a post-WWII phenomenon.  Canned ham trailers are a nice representation of America’s growth after the war and are still stirring reminders of the American Dream.

At the time of their popularity, families were encouraged to drive cross-country on the new highway system and see the splendored majesty of the states.  We’re so used to highways that we really don’t appreciate them.  Can you imagine this country without highways?

Nevertheless, canned ham trailers remind us that the American experience is worth experiencing and appreciating.  As a family-owned business, we appreciate that experience!  That’s the beauty of trailers and RVs.  Maybe that’s the driving force (pun intended) behind America’s antique renaissance.  We’re happy to be a part of it.

At Hemet Valley RV Siding & Storage, we pride ourselves in providing siding for and restoring trailers.  We manufacture top quality roll form siding for most brands and models of RV.  We also manufacture siding for vintage trailers, including canned ham trailers.  Contact us today for more information about our services!


*Image courtesy of Steve Loomis