Five Apps to Try on Your Next Road Trip

Five Apps to Try on Your Next Road TripSmartphones can be an amazing asset when traveling on the open road. Whether you’re going across the state or across the country, it always helps to have the Internet at your fingertips. Before you take your next RV trip, check out these handy apps that are guaranteed to help along your journey.


Yelp is where you go to find the best available eating options in the area. Whether you’re looking for a café with vegetarian options or a BBQ joint frequented by the rich and famous, Yelp will help you get there. Just type in what kind of place you are looking for (tacos? Sushi?) and Yelp will automatically bring up a list of nearby locations and provide a list of ratings. You can also see menus, check restaurant hours, and see photos from previous visitors.


Looking for an extra adventure? Did you know that there are millions of treasures hidden all over the globe? Geocaching is a network of explorers who establish and maintain “caches” which you can go find! Use the Geocaching app to see what people are hiding nearby. Many caches contain logbooks to sign, while others contain prizes or trading items from previous travelers. Geocaching is an amazing way to see sites that are off the beaten path and get the whole family involved in a little adventure.


What good is a smartphone if you aren’t using it to navigate? Waze is the newest and most effective navigation tool available. It can even help you to avoid high traffic areas and alert you to places where cops are checking for speeding vehicles. All of the information in Waze is gathered in real time from other app users.

Along the Way

This is another great app that can be used for finding spots without traveling too far off your established path. Need a quick bite to eat but have a time crunch? Along the Way will map out a list of places for you to stop that are “along the way” (imagine that).

Google Play Music

It wouldn’t be a road trip without the right playlist. Google Play Music has a seemingly endless selection of tunes for you to choose from. It also has plenty of audiobooks and podcasts to listen to as well. With a paid subscription, you can even download music to listen to offline.