Here’s How to Upgrade Your RV

You have an RV that is sitting on your property, but you haven’t used it in a while.  The best thing to do is get that amazing vehicle upgraded, so that it doesn’t keep sitting on your property rotting away. Having an RV can be very fun and enjoyable if it looks and feels good, so don’t wait any longer.

camping with an upgraded RVSiding – The condition of the siding on the RV or camper is very important to the well-being of the recreational vehicle. If you’re vehicle has been sitting for a while, it might be time to replace or fix some of the siding. Check out Hemet Valley RV for your RV siding needs. We can help you get the right look and material for you.

RV Entry Doors – Get a new door for your RV! An upgraded door is important because it’s the door that is most used with an RV. If your vehicle has been sitting for a while, it could need an update. Hemet Valley RV also offers entry doors.

The outside of the RV is something that everyone will be seeing, so you want to make sure that it’s looking in tip-top shape.

Hemet Valley RV also offers a full range of lamination solutions through a partner, allowing us to be one of the only third-party laminate siding suppliers in the industry.

Solar Panels

Solar energy for your RV is a great investment and upgrade for your vehicle. These will charge your RV battery while you’re out camping in the wilderness. Solar panels use clean energy from the sun, which reduces the use of fossil fuels helping the environment stay clean and unpolluted. Check out our solar panel blog for more information!

Interior Upgrades

The interior probably needs some updating if it hasn’t been driven or used in quite some time. One thing could be the carpet. If you have older carpet for the flooring, it is probably a good idea to ditch it and put in laminated wood flooring.

A wireless backup camera for your RV is also a good investment. An RV is a big vehicle, and it’s very important to be able to see behind you while backing up.

For the internet junkies, a WiFi extender can be helpful when camping or driving out in the boondocks. This is contrary to “off-the-grid” camping, but some campers have different styles and way of traveling, so this could definitely help on long road trips especially.

Don’t let your RV sit on your property. Upgrade it and put it in storage when you’re not using it, so that you won’t have to keep doing maintenance on it.

Hemet Valley RV offers secure storage space, so that you do not have to worry about your vehicle while it’s not being used. We have been providing professional RV storage and a number of RV maintenance services throughout Hemet, CA and surrounding areas.

More parts we offer are aluminum RV siding panels. If you’re looking for different materials and style, we can provide you with aluminum siding and siding panels for your RV.

Hemet Valley RV

If you own a recreational vehicle or camper, don’t let it just sit in your lot. You most likely bought it for a reason, and that reason was to travel, camp, and escape the real world for a while. Embrace it, and update it, so that you can go out and enjoy this country’s beautiful scenery. Contact Hemet Valley RV at 951-765-5073 for more information on how we can help you upgrade your RV or camper, so that you can get out and hit the road again!