Off the Grid: Adding Solar Panels to Your RV

RV road trips and vacations are always fun to have, and the idea of “off the grid” living makes the whole experience much more adventurous. One thing you can do to add the “off the grid” experience to your RV trips is installing solar panels!

Solar panel installation on RVThe Benefits of Installing Solar Panels

It’s not necessary to have, but it can be beneficial to you and the environment. It’s a great way to save energy and some money because of the battery life extension and cutting back on generator use.

Here are some more benefits that come with solar panels:

  • Cost-effective: you pay for installation, then the rest is free from the sun
  • Energy year round, even on some cloudy days, there will be some sun
  • There’s no smell and it does not burn fuel: environmentally friendly
  • Extends the life of your battery
  • You can always add more to get more power

Renewable energy today is gaining ground in the economy and world because of the sustainable impact it has on our daily lives. Going green with things in your life can be beneficial for you and the environment. The whole idea with owning an RV is taking long trips with family and friends and exploring the countryside to get away from the stresses of work and bills.  Having the idea of going “off the grid” with installing solar panels can give you the relaxation you need on your trips.

Types of Solar Panels

There are a few types of solar panels that you can choose from for your RV. Of course, they all have their advantages and disadvantages, so it will be up to you to choose the right ones for your RV.

  • Mono-Crystalline: most energy efficient made from a single thin silicon crystal.
  • Poly-Crystalline: blocks of silicon with small solar crystals. Most common type of RV solar panel.
  • Amorphous: thin film panels spread on a bed. The have the lowest power of the three, but inexpensive to build. Require more space on the roof.

These are the three solar panel types for RV’s. Check out the best RV solar panels! It all depends on your budget and how much power you’d like to get from the sun. For example, if you are taking longer road trips and vacations with the family, you will want to conduct some research on what the best type of solar panel will work for your situation.

Storing Your RV

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