Keeping Your RV Secure on the Road

When you’re on the road, all you should have to worry about is having a good time, enjoying the sights and getting safely to your destination. One thing you should absolutely not have to worry about is theft. If a thief gains access to your RV, you could not only lose your valuables, but also your means of transportation. Hemet Valley RV wants you to stay safe and secure on the road with these handy tips:

Think Like a Thief

Thieves want to make things as easy and fast for themselves as possible, so they can break into your RV quickly before you return. Simple precautions like making sure every door and window in your RV is properly locked can deter them from trying to break in. Also, avoid leaving your RV parked for long periods of time near thief hotspots, like ATMs, gas stations and convenience stores.

Soup It up

No, we don’t mean fancy rims or paint jobs – we mean simple security enhancements that can reduce your chances of break-ins and theft. Motion detector lights, a trailer hitch lock or cable lock system, unbreakable deadbolts, a security system with an alarm, even a boot to place over one of the wheels – all of these things make it far more difficult for thieves to access your RV.

Reduce Temptation

When you’re out, close the curtains of your RV and don’t leave valuables lying around in plain sight. Better yet, put computers, jewelry and other valuables in hidden, locked compartments. Also, don’t leave yard furniture sitting outside if you want to be sure it’ll be there when you get back.

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