You can purchase vintage drip rails at Hemet Valley RV

trim off a vintage trailerLooking at pictures of canned ham trailers or seeing one in person, you automatically get butterflies in your stomach, but you’re not sure why. That’s because nostalgia and that can-do American spirit is taking control of you. America IS the canned ham. Do you own one? If so, you’re in luck…

Good news all you vintage trailer people! Finally, Hemet Valley RV has vintage drip rails in stock. It took us several years to land the source, but we did, and we couldn’t be happier. You can purchase a bendable and pliable sixteen-foot drip rail today!

The vintage drip rail is a part that is necessary to trim off a vintage trailer, like a canned ham, and give it its original look. It is mill finished, meaning raw aluminum. It is not painted polar white, as our other rails are.

Back in the fifties and sixties, no one had painted rails; they were all mill finished. The vintage drip rail will bend the arches around on canned hams. Around the outer perimeter of canned hams, the vintage drip rail trims the front and rear wall metal and the roof all to the sidewall. On the aluminum roof and the end walls, traditionally, you make them a little wider. You pound them around the corner of the sidewall and install the drip rail over the top of it to trim it off.

If you have a canned ham trailer, we now have your vintage drip rail! If you have any questions, give Hemet Valley RV a call! Our customer service is second-to-none.