Why People Convert School Buses into RV Campers

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live on the road? There have been several people who have transformed old school buses into traveling homes for them to explore the world with. This type of nomadic lifestyle is very attractive to the adventurous for many reasons. Whether it’s renting an RV for a week or two, or living a minimalistic lifestyle, converting a school bus is the combination of both of those elements. 

School bus converted into camper

It’s Not for Everyone

Living on the road is pretty wild thing to do, but if you plan and do it the right way, it could be one of the most experiential events of your life. There have been many stories of couples and families converting old school buses into their traveling homes, and the results are astonishing. The way these people transform an old yellow bus into a luxury home on wheels is extraordinary and innovative. 

The big question is, how is it done? 

The first important measure is to find a school bus for sale that doesn’t have too much wear and tear to it. One that’s in decent condition and with lower miles on it is your best bet, but you won’t always be able to find these vehicles just lying around. You’ll have to do a deep dive of research in order to track one down. 

After finding a good school bus and buying it, you’ll need to get down to work. 

  • Gutting the School Bus – The biggest job is the demolition of the interior. This includes gutting the entire inside by ripping out the seats, redoing the ceiling and wall panels, and putting in a new floor.
  • Electrical – This is a tough one because not everyone has the knowledge of electrical wiring, but you will need to work out electrical wiring to have a functioning space to travel in. 
  • Remodeling the interior – Since you have gutted the interior, you have a lot of space to work with. The necessities will consist of a kitchen, bathroom, bed, and seating. You have the control of how you want the layout to be. A school bus gives you plenty of options to make it a comfortable place to travel on the road with friends or family. 

The school bus has to be transformed into a living space on the road, which means you have to take into consider electrical, plumbing, and insulation of the floors and walls. When it comes to kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, you have to think more compact. Since you won’t have room for everything you want, you’ll have to sacrifice some space to make everything necessary. Storage space also comes into play with your old school bus. The best part is there is a good amount of storage space for your belongings in a converted school bus but remember to use all the space you have including under your bed. 

Here are some amazing converted school buses

Hemet Valley RV

Converting an old school bus into a camper is not for anyone, but it can be a thrilling experience. The amount of work put into gutting and remodeling a school bus is worth the result when you get the opportunity have a home on wheels. This has become a trend among the adventurous willing to take their work and home on the road to explore places and camp where they haven’t been. 

At Hemet Valley RVwe have been supplying siding and doors for the RV repair industry for many years. We are dedicated to those who love RV camping and exploration. You may not be one to turn a school bus into your RV, but you can update the function and look of your current camper. 

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