Why Choose an RV Over a Tiny Home

Why Choose an RV Over a Tiny HomeYou’ve probably noticed that the “tiny home craze” seems to be taking over.  A lot of people are giving up extra bedrooms and half baths in order to embrace a smaller living space where they only have the things they need. Although tiny homes are considered mobile, most of them need to be hitched to an extremely powerful car in order to move which requires packing up the home, meaning you can’t live inside of it while traveling.

An RV provides you with all the benefits of a tiny home including smaller quarters for just what you need along with total mobility.

There are several reasons that Hemet Valley RV believes the benefits of an RV outweigh the benefits of a tiny home.

Better Mobility

We’ve highlighted how an RV is certainly more mobile when compared to a tiny home. Instead of packing up the entire thing and hitching it to a car, you can simply hop in and drive to your next desired location.

Get More for your Money

An RV offers more streamlined storage and living quarters; tiny homes are often a bit more bulky making them sometimes difficult to tow. With an RV, you can skip paying for an extra car just in order to tow your load.

More Options

Tiny homes are a more recent craze which means that if you want to buy one, you’ll probably have more limited options. With an RV, there are tons of options on the market all of which range in size and type. With an RV, you can find the right fit for your family often within weeks of searching for it.

Less Weight

Many RV’s weigh less when compared to tiny homes which make them easier to move around. Tiny homes aren’t designed to be streamlined and they offer much more wind resistance compared to an RV.

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