Tips to Protect Your Trailer this Winter

Winter can be very punishing on trailers, especially for older models that may have already seen their fair share of cold weather. That’s why it’s important to make sure they are ready for harsh season ahead. Here are some tips to get your vintage trailer ready for winter.

Take Everything Out

Go through and take out every piece of fabric inside the trailer so that unwanted rodents don’t have excess cloth to turn into nesting material. This includes towels, clothes, curtains and any other linens. Once everything is out, purchased a box of dryer sheets and place them in every single spot possible throughout the trailer. The smell of dryer sheets helps to deter mice from shacking up in your trailer, plus they will keep it smelling fresh, too!

Winter RVsPrepare the Plumbing

If your trailer has a water system, be sure to go through and winterize it. If you’re not sure how to do it, contact a professional and make sure you get it done before the weather turns to avoid any problems in the spring. Frozen or cracked water lines – or worse, septic lines – can become a real expensive headache when the spring comes.

Tire Care

It is also generally a good idea to get your trailer’s wheels off the ground for the winter, if possible. This can most easily be done with a few strategically placed floor jacks, but – just as with plumbing – if you don’t know how to do it, contact someone who does to have them help you.

Get It Covered

When the weather turns bad, many trailer owners will decide to store their trailer inside a garage or storage facility. If you don’t have that option, though, you should at least use some sort of tarp or cover. Make sure to get one that goes over the entire trailer to keep it protected from the elements. Pro tip: before you put it on, place a pillow on the roof to lift the cover slightly. This will prevent precipitation from pooling on the trailer’s roof.

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