Tips for Organizing a Cluttered RV

Tips for Organizing a Cluttered RVWhether you’re going on vacation or living full-time on the road, any RV owner knows the importance of staying organized. But the realities of day-to-day living—kid’s toys, meal clean-up, you name it—can lead to clutter building up over time. Read on for some great tips for cleaning up and organizing your cluttered RV and making your family much more comfortable.

Be a “Space Cadet”

When you’re in a small space, it’s important to make use of each and every bit of space you’ve got! There are so many creative ways to utilize your space—hang organizers or trash receptacles on the backs of doors and cabinets, use Velcro to stick remote controls to the wall, or use broom holders to keep your flashlights where you can find them. You can even use your ceiling for storage by hanging storage baskets from it! Thinking outside the box when it comes to storing your stuff can help keep your RV much more organized—and much less cluttered.

Stay in Your Lane

Just like you stay in your lane when you’re driving, make sure objects stay where they’re supposed to be. Instead of throwing your keys, sunglasses or wallet down wherever, designate spaces for them in your RV. That way, you’ll always know where to find them!

When you’re organizing your RV, think about creatively using space and keeping each object in its place. And, when you’re purchasing siding and storage, think Hemet Valley – we’re committed to providing the highest-quality aluminum and fiberglass siding for RVs.