Tips for Boondocking Your RV

If you’re an avid RV traveler, you probably already know the deal with boondocking, whether you travel that way or not. For those knew to boondocking, we want you to know all the beneficial tips to make RV boondocking a new way for you to travel and camp in your RV. 

RV travel and boondocking

What is Boondocking? 

You’ve most likely heard the word boondocking thrown around the camping world, but never really knew what it meant. Boondocking is the act of driving out in the wilderness and setting up camp. You aren’t driving to a campsite, rather you’re setting up camp out in the middle of nowhere. Many RV travelers do this if they don’t have anything booked and are on a go with the flow schedule. Just remember that you won’t have any hookups to power, water, and other amenities. 

Boondocking is legal, as long as you make sure you research places where dry camping is allowed. 

Preparation and Scouting

The most important thing you need to know if you’re looking to RV boondock is it requires preparation and scouting. When you’re hitting several camping spots, it’s crucial to map out where you’ll be setting up camp. Scouting for spots and timing out when you’ll arrive is very important for your trip to be successful. 

What Does Preparation Include? 

Preparation includes knowing what you’ll have to do on the trip to make your RV boondocking adventure work out. 

Conserving Your Energy – What does this mean? When boondocking, you won’t have the luxury of hooking up your RV to power or water. This means that you have to keep an extra eye on your propane tank, generator, water supply, and vehicle battery. Conserving the amount of power and other supplies is essential to boondocking in the beautiful wilderness. This also includes trash. Don’t let the trash build up. Make sure you’re utilizing places where you can dispose of it or recycle. 

Research Legalities – Not every place is suitable for boondocking. There may be some legalities you have to look into before setting up camp anywhere you please. Respecting locals is also another important aspect when camping. 

Before Picking a Location – Before you travel to your first boondocking site, it’s wise to camp at a site where there are hookups before. If your trip is a longer one with several boondocking spots, then planning one or two hookup campsites is crucial. 

Fuel Up – Fueling up at a hookup is extremely important for the long haul. Make sure your gas tank, propane tank, and your freshwater tank is filled. Also, make sure your generator battery is charged. Check all of the vehicle’s fluid levels, so that you don’t run into problem in the boonies. 

Meal Prep – Prepping meals for the long trip is essential. Make sure you have the access to firepits or grills to cook on, so you don’t have to use electricity as much with your camper or RV. Freeze meals, and plan for simple cooking when on the road. This includes sandwiches and other easy camping meals. 

Get Your RV Camper Ready and Tuned Up

Camping out in the wilderness comes with bumps and bruises. Sometimes you can’t prepare as well for weather patterns and changes. Sometimes you’ll get unlucky, and the weather suddenly changes. Make sure your camper is up to date with siding and door condition. One way to accomplish this is to get in touch with Hemet Valley RV

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