The Popularity of RV Travel During COVID-19

It seemed as though camping and RV travel was on a trend upward before the COVID-19 Pandemic hit, but did the quarantine enhance the desire for outdoor adventure and exploration? Many think the RV culture has grown even more popular since the pandemic hit. Now, most people who are questioning this trend are probably people who never would have thought travel or camp in an RV. 

RV Road Trips

What is the Draw to RV Camping? 

In general, RV camping has an interesting culture around it. It isn’t for everyone who enjoys camping because there are many ways to go about camping. From tent camping to lodge camping, there are many in-betweens. RV-ing is one of those ways you can get out and explore the outdoors. 

RV camping allows you to travel at your own pace. It also provides you with an already built campsite considering the vehicle itself gives you shelter and something to sleep in. The biggest draw to RV camping is driving the road to your destination. When you can combine camping and road tripping at the same time, it makes the whole trip that much better. Being able to sleep, cook, and use the facilities in one moving vehicle is just like heaven. 

The Trend Was Moving Upward

Before everything happened regarding the pandemic, young people around the country were already catching the camping fever. The motive might be because of the technology overload in this world. Social media partnered with online activity might be driving people to get away from the digital world. In many ways, this is a good thing. The more people are willing to get outdoors, the more they’re willing to explore RV camping. 

Is the Pandemic Providing a Push? 

At the beginning, more people were probably staying safe and healthy indoors because we didn’t really know how the pandemic was going to look day by day. As more time went on, everyone needed a break from reality, and what better way to get away from life than to go on a road trip and travel in an RV. When you have the ability to quarantine with your friends or family in an RV and still explore the country, why wouldn’t you hop on the bandwagon? 

The Benefits of RV Camping

There’s something special about being on the open road and picking a destination to camp at. Exploring mountains, lakes, and beaches in an RV can create lasting memories for you and your family. We need a break from reality, which is why RV travel is the perfect solution to escaping reality. Working from home, taking care of the kids, and always being busy requires a great amount of energy. RV camping allows you to live in the moment! 

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