Figuring out what siding you need for your vintage trailer

At Hemet Valley, we make it as easy as possible when determining what kind of siding your vintage trailer restoration project may need.

Restoring trailers have becoming more popular these days with people realizing they can have all the amenities of a new trailer, with a cool vintage look of the old ones at a less expensive price.

Making the outside look as modern and ready to use as possible is key to any restoration project. You can guarantee any old Shasta or other kinds of “canned hams” from the 50s and 60s are not going to have sturdy or reliable siding. The siding is going to be worn down and in need of improvement.

So where do you start? How do you find vintage trailer siding to meet your old trailer’s needs?

This video below will help explain the process of not only how we make and manufacture old vintage siding, but how you need to describe to us the kind of siding you’re replacing. We can replace practically any kind of aluminum RV trailer siding and style. With accurate measurement, we can manufacture pretty much any kind of siding.