Sealing Your Trailer: Something to Do Annually

Sealing Your Trailer: Something to Do Annually

When you are enjoying the world from the windows of your treasured trailer, you want it to be a fun and enjoyable experience. What you don’t want to experience is dampness and flooding because you forgot to seal your trailer. That’s why we recommend resealing your trailer annually to keep water from getting into your RV or damaging your siding.

The Importance of Sealing

The act of sealing your trailer is an important one. You want to spend extra care around your windows, doors, access panels, trailer seams and lights because these are the areas that are most sensitive to leaks. The most frightening thing about these leaks is that they can be a problem for years before you notice them and by then it might be too late.

The good news is that after you spend some time giving your trailer a substantial sealing, you only need to do some touchup work once a year. It is a simple task that can make your trailer last forever.

Special Attention for Unicore

Sealing is of particular importance with trailers that have siding made out of filon-laminated unicore. Often the front profiles of trailers are laminated unicore, while sides and rears are most frequently laminated luan. Unlike your luan, those sections that are made of unicore are at a significant disadvantage to the effects of water. Unicore is a cardboard-like material, which means that when it gets wet, the front skin bubbles and the unicore acts like a sponge as it soaks in water. Then the real problems start.

If you haven’t sealed your trailer, any small leak can be big trouble. Tiny leaks can lead to the deterioration of unicore over time, essentially turning it into the equivalent of mushy cardboard – and there goes your trailer’s looks!

How to Properly Seal Your Trailer

It is important to clean the areas that you plan to seal very well with soap and water before starting the procedure. You’ll want to wash these areas in the order that you will be sealing them, starting with the windows and doors and ending with the areas around the lights.

Run a steady bead of silicone around the windows, doors and access panels. Don’t spare any expense – use enough silicone to ensure that leaks will not develop and make sure to fill all cracks around these areas. Move about your trailer, sealing each of these meeting points until it is completely sealed to your liking.

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