RV’s are Growing in Size, Price and Popularity

RV’s are Growing in Size, Price and Popularity If you’ve always felt that an RV might be a little too small for you to comfortably travel in, you might want to think again.

RV’s are getting bigger each year, and they are starting to attract new clientele as a result.

In fact, RV sales are at an all-time record high. In 2016 about 430,000 RV’s were sold, which was a15% increase compared to 2015. Technology and modern convenience is playing a big part in this trend: striving around the country is no longer as stressful as it once was and more people are giving it a shot.

Many camping locations are now RV friendly, making driving around the country more exiting and less of a gamble. Now that most people have a mobile phone practically attached to them, gone are the days of printed out maps and planned-ahead pit stops. Today, you can drive until you are hungry or tired, and Google will tell you the next best place to pull over.

However, many RV drivers are looking for something a bit snazzier. Many people are shying away from the standard RV and seeking ones with a bit more pizazz.

Luxury RV models can cost up to six figures, but that’s not slowing down the market for them. Many buyers are taking loans out to purchase a luxury RV, treating it much like a second home.

If you drive onto an RV lot today, you can expect to see bigger models with more customization options, nicer appliances, full kitchens, and separate living, dining, and sleeping areas. Many models have optional slide-out options for even more living space when parked, and many of them have committed to lower gas mileage with more powerful engines.

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