RV Games That Make Time Fly

MotorhomeSpending hours on the road traveling in an RV is great for family bonding. But when the road seems a little repetitive between stops,  there are tons of game to play while traveling.

When packing for your trip, make sure to include a map of the United States, highlighters. When you’re passengers are getting antsy, unfold the map of the United States and give out the highlighters. Throughout the trip, try to spot a license plate from every state. When you see one, color in the state on the map to keep track. Seeing the progress is exciting and this game can be played as a team instead of one team against another or individually. As the map gets colored in, you’ll start looking for just specific license plates, which can be an addicting and suspenseful way to spend a few hours.

The next game doesn’t require anything other than a smile and a wave. Appropriately named, “sweet or sour,” participants in the game must smile and wave at people they pass by. The other person can be walking on the side of the road, in another car or really anywhere within sight. For 10-15 seconds the player smiles and waves at the other person. If the target smiles and waves back the player get one point if they do not, the player receives nothing. First player to get 15 sweet points wins!

Another idea is to tell a story as a group one word at a time. Moving somewhat quickly, each person can only say one word to move the story along and take it in any direction they want. The more creative participants get the funnier and more exciting the stories become. This is a great game for small children to help improve their quick-thinking and vocabulary skills. Even adults love this game because stories can so quickly become outrageous or silly in just a few words. This game can go on for as long as you want or you can set up a certain amount of rounds to develop and end the story.

A sock and some small items from home make for another game that features sensory observation. Place an item inside a sock, with their eyes closed the player can feel the object through the sock and make one guess at what is it. Since only one person knows what the object is that person is in charge and awards a point for the first person to guess the right object. The more small objects there are, the more rounds can be played. There are surely little items around the RV as well that can be added into the sock game.

These games are easy to play, require minimal materials and are appropriate for almost any age. Transforming the rules or adding new ideas to them can make them a custom fit for your travel companions. Before you know it you’ll be arriving at your destination wondering where the time went.