Revamp Your Vintage RV or Trailer Interior with Retro Wallpaper

retro decor for trailers

Traveling by vintage RV is rekindling the love for a simpler time; they remind us of the times when crossing the country on four wheels was the ideal way to see the sights. Thanks to vintage trailer restorations, you can now embark on an adventure in style.

Vintage trailers are typically symbolic of the 1950’s. Modeling after retro design with neon colors, unique patterns and laminate, a vintage trailer is everything classy. The inside of a vintage trailer is often kept in better condition than the outside due to less exposure to the elements, but you might not particularly be a fan of the current vintage interior decor.

Retro Wallpaper is a great way to spruce up the timeless appeal of your glamping haven

Retro wallpaper was a huge contributor to creating that unique 50’s style we still love today. Styles such as Japanese art, neon flowers, checkered patterns, abstract images, airplanes, damask floral and polka dots are all reflective of the 50’s. If you want to hit the mark with a retro interior design, vintage wallpaper is a definite way to go.

If neon flowers and butterflies are too much for every wall, you can wallpaper an accent wall or two for that perfect amount of style. Plus, you can now find vintage wallpaper designs with a more modern application process that makes applying and removing easy. has some great choices for retro wallpaper designs that are sure to boost the vintage appeal of your trailer. Visit their site to take a look at their wallpaper collections.