Retro Paint Ideas for Vintage Trailer Interiors


Just before the year 1969 when Woodstock shook the nation in the most unbelievable way, we as a society became very stylistic in our design choices. Largely popular, the “retro” theme swept across millions of homes, creating unique trends that have come back full circle in this current generation.


We are now seeing retro styles being brought back from the 50’s and 60’s in newly restored vintage trailers. Vintage trailers are anything but typical with their unique shape, aluminum siding, striped paint jobs, color palates of aqua, peach and lime green and wooded interiors. We ask, who seriously can’t fall in love with the classics?


Scouring through ideas, concepts and products to help re-create an era falls within the average daily life of someone who owns a vintage trailer. Once it is assured that the trailer is up to par with mechanics, now it’s time for the fun part: the decorating!


To anyone who happens to love the 50’s, unique paint jobs are at the forefront. Bright, bold colors with funky patterns are created to make an impact and we’ve found some of the best 50’s vintage trailer paint jobs out there.


Thanks to Pinterest, there are many ideas for paint job work to help you pay tribute to an era that is symbolic of your trailer. This Pinterest page, has some really interesting paint ideas.



We hope you feel inspired to make the most out of your vintage trailer and to bring it back to its original beauty with classic vintage elements.