Repair Your Doors Before Hitting the Road

RV Door Repairs It’s been another wonderful day in the great outdoors. You’ve gone hiking, caught some fish, made a fire and now are ready to retire for the night. You close up your RV and go to sleep only to wake a few hours later to a swarm of mosquitos eating you up.

How did this happen? How can you stop is from happening?

Insects and pests – even sometimes animals – can get into your RV a very simple way: through the front door, especially when your screen is ripped or torn or your door is not properly seated in the frame. That’s why making sure the door on your RV is working properly before you head out on a trip. At Hemet Valley RV, we specialize in providing replacement pieces that keep your RV in top form ready for going out on the road, including RV entry doors.

Damaged RV doors can allow more than just insects in, and can cause unwanted drafts, dirt, pollen and other elements into your vehicle, all of which can provide both a health and a safety concern. Animals and insects can directly harm you or make your trip uncomfortable or unpleasant, and if they’re allowed to stay, they could make a home in your vehicle, leading to damage or serious infestations. Of course, having a broken RV door also hurts the appearance of your RV, so not only are pests and irritants a problem, but also your vehicle’s good looks.

If your RV door is broken, Hemet Valley RV can help you find the right shape, construction and configuration to match your vehicle. Our staff combines years of expertise and experience, along with fantastic customer service, to make finding the right part for your RV incredibly easy. We can find you the perfect replacements parts or work to create custom parts if needed – depending on what you need.

Hemet Valley RV also does much more than doors. We can help with any repairs your RV may need, including replacement siding, laminates and even secure storage.

Spending time in the great outdoors can be tons of fun, but make sure when you go inside your RV that you can keep the outdoors outside. RVs are your home away from home, so make sure it is as comfortable as it can be. To learn more or to discuss what you need for your RV, call us today at 951-765-5075.