Plan Your RV Adventure After the Quarantine is Over

You may be getting a little frustrated and stir-crazy staying in your home. This is the time to spend some nights planning a small adventure in your RV for when the lockdown is over. Hemet Valley RV can provide RV siding and storage for your RV in Hemet Valley, California. Make sure you make a checklist of tasks to get done with your RV before you plan a little adventure. 

RV road trip under the night sky

RV Maintenance Tasks

This is the perfect time to make some upgrades to the exterior of your RV. If it has been sitting in the driveway not being used for a while, the siding, door, and other parts may be getting old and rusty. Replacing the RV siding and door can enhance the look and function of the recreational vehicle for when you plan on taking it out. Hemet Valley RV specializes in manufacturing aluminum and fiberglass siding for the RV repair industry. We can help you get your vehicle back to its original look when you first bought it. 

RV Maintenance Checklist: 

  • Tires Pressure and Tread
  • Brakes and Vehicle’s Axles
  • Battery
  • RV Fluids (coolant, oil, windshield fluid, etc.)
  • Tanks (propane, water) 
  • Generator Maintenance

It’s very important to check the interior and exterior of the RV for any flaws. Make sure everything is functioning and up-to-date before you plan any trip. 

Plan Your Trip for After Quarantine is Over

In California, there are a plethora of hidden gems and places to travel to and adventure. Many Californians have heard of these places, but many possibly have brushed over these. Here are some spots you may want to hit up in your RV after the Quarantine: 

  • Joshua Tree National Park – this is a very popular place to camp at. In Southern California, Joshua Tree is a great place to take the family on an RV camping trip. 
  • The Redwoods – Check out some of the tallest trees in the world at Redwood National Forest in California. 
  • Sequoia National Park – another great forest to camp at is Sequoia and Kings Canyon in California. 
  • Yosemite National Park – if you really want to make it a big trip, travel to Yosemite National Park and explore the great park by hiking, fishing, biking, and rock climbing. 

Contact Hemet Valley RV at 951-765-5075 to learn more about our manufactured RV siding and doors to update the look of your RV for your next trip.