Personalizing and customizing your RV to make it Feel Like Home

RV decoration Your RV can and should be a home away from home, but it can lack the overall feeling of hominess. Instead of using a basic factory-style RV on your trips, bringing elements of home can help it feel more comfortable, welcoming and can be accommodating to children that might suffer from homesickness. One way to customize your RV is painting the outside of it. Whether you choose to paint the whole RV, half of it or just add your own artistic accents like shapes or stripes, this can make your RV unique to you and your family. This is also great because you will always be able to pick it out of a crowd.

You can decorate the outside of your RV as well. A custom paint job will give it a lot of personality and flare, but you can also consider adding elements like an awning or hanging signs. An awning creates extra outdoor space for eating, relaxing and playing game. If you have a large enough RV you can even bring along lawn furniture to create a patio for your RV. Hanging signs with quotes, welcome phrases or even just made of shapes can jazz up the outside of your RV and be changed whenever you want.

On the interior of your RV you can add pictures of your house and family to eliminate bare walls and add something great to look at. Even if you are thousands of miles away from home, its still only an arms length away hanging on your RV wall. Pictures of family members or the family pet can also help bring some personality to a seemingly plain RV. To get children involved, let them each pick a favorite photo to frame and hang. As a way to remember all your trips, you could even hang a photo from each excursion that you go on in the RV, starting a collection that will grow trip by trip.

Another great way to personalize your RV is to bring beloved items from home with you to the RV other than photographs. Some ideas include blankets, pillows, favorite foods, favorite toys and favorite games. All of these items add a comfort factor that can be soothing for anyone missing home during a long journey. On a chilly night you’ll be glad to have some extra blankets. Games always come in handy whether you get bored during travel or while you’re parked somewhere like a campsite or the beach.

Like your home or car, an RV can be customized to fit the lifestyle of you and your family. Permanent or temporary changes can all personalize the RV so it feels like you are staying at home even when you are miles away. Letting children help decorate can even be a fun family project that coincides with cleaning and packing in preparation for your next RV adventure.