Managing RV Life with Cats

How to Travel with CatsMany people think that if you spend a significant amount of time traveling in an RV, you probably don’t have any pets. However, many RV owners have cats that hit the road along with them.

If you frequently take your cat on RV outings with you, Hemet Valley has tips on how you can make every trip smoother.

Give Your Cats Fresh Air

Although cats aren’t as active as dogs, they will still benefit from getting outside. There are plenty of different leashes available for purchase that can help you keep your cat safe and secure. When you get up to stretch, your cat should stretch too! Exposing your cat to the outdoors will help them “take a break” just as you’ll need to when traveling long distances.

Get Cat Used to Travel

If you are planning to take your cat on an RV road trip with you, make sure that you take them in the car several times beforehand. Taking a few short trips in the car will help your cat understand the feeling of being in a moving vehicle. Although they might protest the idea at first, gradual exposure will help them get used to being in a car.

Get the Right Supplies

It is important that when you’re traveling, you have what you need to make your cats comfortable. A cat’s litterbox should be easily accessible so make sure that you have a designated place for it and that your cat is well-aware of where it is. You should also have plenty of bedding, high spaces, scratching poles, and so forth in order to provide cats with the comforts they desire.

Get Medical Records Sorted

Before you take off, make sure you have records from your “hometown” veterinarian that can provide your cat’s medical history to date. You might need to visit a random veterinarian when you’re on the road and it’ll be helpful to have information to hand over to them in case of emergency.

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