Make Your RV Feel Larger and Cozier

RV Decorating TipsNothing beats adventuring in your RV, but sometimes, living in such a small place can get difficult. If you’ve been in search of inspiration on how to make your RV feel and appear bigger, look no further.

Hemet Valley RV has some tips on how to make your RV feel larger and cozier at the same time.

Consider Lighting

  • The first step towards making your RV cozy and homey is to consider the lighting inside of it. Consider swapping out some bulbs or adding in a few extra lights to transform your space. Switch to softer LED lights and get rid of all fluorescent lighting. It’ll make your RV feel more like a living room and less like a vehicle.

Comfy Décor

Pick up some small sized throw pillows or fitting area rugs to add to your RV living space, just like you would if you were redecorating your home. Comfy pillows and soft rugs will give the RV a cozy feel that you desire in your home.

Window Treatments

RV windows tend to be a bit small: so, if you’re trying to make the space feel bigger, focus on natural light and window treatments. Get in as much natural light as possible, and avoid bulky window treatments. Instead, opt for loose, flowy curtains in light colors. You can still have privacy with a semi-sheer curtain while enjoying all the sunshine that streams through.


Incorporating mirrors into your décor can make your RV feel bigger: just make sure not to choose heavy, traditional glass mirrors. Instead, pick up a few decorative plastic mirrors that won’t stick out far when hung up. Mirrors will reflect natural light, and the space around them, making the space feel larger.

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