Keeping Pests Out of Your Second Home

Keeping Pests Out of Your Second HomeIf you are an RV owner, you’re aware that many insects and pests are eager to hop on board.

Many pests and insects target RV’s, just as they do homes, in search of shelter from summer heat and outdoor elements.

It is so important to care of your RV in order to prevent uninvited pests from entering your second home. Here are some tips on keeping pests out of your RV and prevent infestations.

Common “trouble areas” include windows, pipes, tires, and other places where branches might touch the roof of the RV when parked. If you have holes in any screens or loose weather-striping, repair them before taking the RV out. Make sure everything is sealed up tight in order to prevent an open door for pests to come through. You should also check the bottom of the cab and make sure the RV’s electric cord isn’t touching the ground.

If you’re worried about spiders getting in, remember that they can’t stand the smell of citrus. You can rub orange peels on surfaces where you think spiders might use as an entrance. You can also fill a spray bottle with a mixture of water and citrus juice, and spray into nooks and crannies to prevent them from settling in.

You can use essential oils such as eucalyptus and peppermint mixed with water in a spray bottle to turn off many insects. Most bugs can’t stand the smell of eucalyptus or mint.

Use cedar shavings or blocks in any drawers within your RV to deter moths. Keep in mind that keeping your RV neat and clutter-free will deter bugs, too.

If you leave your RV stored during colder months, you might find that the mice will try to cozy up inside. To prevent this from happening, keep your RV moving during the colder months even if it’s just a ride around the block. Avoid stacking wood or other outdoor brush in the vicinity of your RV.

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