It’s Time to Get Outside – Social Distancing Adventures

Staying in lockdown can be difficult for many people. It seems as if we should have more time to spend with family and other people, but in reality, with working home, taking care of your children, and staying at home, we may not have that much time. 

Getting outside is essential to escaping the problems during the day with work, school, and other issues. It’s time to start spending time outdoors and adventuring while making sure to stay safe. The country is filled with a landscape that is looking to be explored by us. There are plenty of places to travel to that are remote. 

Get Outside and social distance in your rv

Fun Activities to Do with Your Family During the Quarantine

Springtime around the country could mean very different climates in each state. Depending on where you plan on traveling to, camping with your family could be a good idea. Renting a cabin may not be probable during the Coronavirus, but that doesn’t mean tent camping or RV Road Tripping is out. RV Camping is a great way to isolate yourself and your family during the pandemic. You have the ability to spend time with your family and explore new places you may not have been to. 

Before you get started: 

Cleanup Your RV – It’s time to take out that RV you’ve been meaning to get out of storage or the driveway. If you need RV siding, lamination, RV doors, contact Hemet Valley RV

Getting it Out of Storage – If your RV is in storage, it’s time to take it out. If you haven’t considered putting your RV in storage when you’re not using it, a good idea is to take it to Hemet Valley RV. We have the storage facilities you need, so that your RV can be protected against weather elements.

Go Hiking

While taking your RV out with the family, one thing you can do to spend a day is to hike up to a peak or a long trail. There are plenty of hiking areas in the United States that are remote. Spending a day hiking can relieve stress and get you exercised for the day. You’ll sleep well, and your energy will regain momentum during this lockdown.  

Find the best hikes in America while you’re at it! 

Go for a Long Bike Ride

Riding your bike is a great way to kill time and stay active. Take an RV trip for the weekend to a remote place where mountain biking is done. Having the family out on bikes will get you the right amount of Vitamin D. 

Never Stop Exploring 

Exploring the outdoors should never take a back seat to a virus. As humans, it’s in our nature to explore the wilderness that we live in. It’s a pleasure to be living in a country where the terrain is so different in each state and the climates are on complete opposite ends across the country. 

While we still have to practice social distance and staying healthy during these times, we also need to free our mind of the everyday stress. By getting outside with our family and staying active, we are creating an experience like no other. Traveling in an RV enhances that experience. 

If you’re looking to get your RV back out on the road for some exploration, contact Hemet Valley RV at 951-765-5075.