How to Successfully Sell your RV

Man Selling RV to Older CoupleAlthough we often encourage our readers to purchase an RV, we understand that sometimes the time comes that someone must sell an RV. Although there many reasons that might result in someone having to sell an RV, many people sell older RV to gain a profit and upgrade to a better model for themselves.

However, if you are considering independently selling your RV, there are a few important things to consider first.

Selling your RV independently can help you better control the sale and potentially save thousands of dollars if done correctly.

Consider Timing of Sale

You must consider the importance of timing your sale. Different factors such as the economy, season, and location, can all play a role in whether a sale will be successful.  However, what are some other key ingredients to help you get top dollar for your RV? You know its value, but do your customers?

Consider Audience of Sale

You might know the value of your RV, but you also need to know the audience that you’re selling to. You must prove to potential buyers that your RV trumps other RV’s that they’ve seen. Cleaning and staging your coach are crucial to making a great first impression when showing it to other people.  You need to make people fall in love with the RV just as you did when you decided to purchase it first.

Consider Location of Sale

When considering how your RV appears on the inside matters, it is also important to consider the location it is being shown in.  An open park or camping ground would be most appealing because that is likely where the RV would end up most often once purchased. However, if you must show it in your driveway, make sure other vehicles are cleared out of the way and that surrounding landscaping is tidy.

Be Objective When Selling

Although you likely have a special place in your heart for your old RV, you must cut ties with it before selling to objectively and honestly price it.  Knowing your competition can also help you price it appropriately. Consider creating an informative and engaging ad to drive the sale home.

Hemet Valley RV is now manufacturing siding for vintage trailers. If you are looking to renovate your RV before selling, contact us today for a quote.