How to Reduce RV Energy and Waste Impact

Tips on RV TravelThere is no doubt that touring the countryside in a RV is a great way to spend your vacation but from an environmental standpoint, you might be hesitant to do so.

Keep in mind that there are plenty of steps that you can take to reduce overall energy use and waste when traveling in an RV.

Conserve Water

Traveling in an RV does require you to use quite a bit of water, and when you’re traveling through remote areas, it can be hard to find a spot to fill up on water. However, if you do your best to conserve water use, you can drive for longer without topping off which will help you to save more water for the environment as well.

Showers are probably the one thing that uses the most water in an RV; try and keep your showers to every other day if you can and keep them as short as possible. Instead of taking a full shower, occasionally use washcloths to wipe down after a hike or a long drive. We’re not suggesting you give up showers all together, just take them more sparingly! You can also swap out your shower head for a high-efficiency model which also might help to reduce water waste.

Conserve Energy

Your RV probably has electrical and propane options when it comes to powering the things you need. Try and limit your propane use and switch to electric when you can; that way, your RV’s engine will replace the battery power you use for your crockpot or hot plate, instead of emptying out the propane tank that you will then have to fill up.

Limit usage to only power what you truly need and consider cooking food over a fire when you can: it is guaranteed to taste great!

Conserve Fuel

There are plenty ways to conserve fuel use when you’re in an RV. Make sure you check your tires before heading out: low tire pressure can cause you to use more fuel when accelerating.

Clean out your air filters and make sure your engine is regularly checked. Use cruise control when you’re on highways that aren’t too congested and keep the trunk light, added weight can slow you down!

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