How to Pack for an RV Trip

Woman Packing for VacationSo your trip is set. You’ve got the itinerary mapped, the vacation approved, and the days marked out on the calendar. It’s time to take the RV on that trip you’ve been waiting all year long and the last thing that you have to do is pack.

Packing for an RV trip doesn’t have to be stressful, and can, in fact, be fun. Follow these few guidelines and you’ll be on your way to that next getaway.

Make an RV menu.
Your RV is likely outfitted with kitchen appliances and kitchenware and you probably know your RV’s kitchen inside and out. However, one of the best things you can do before a major trip is outlining your meals: know what you’re cooking, and when, as well as how much of your supplies you’ll use for it. This will go a long way in planning your days and prevent any unforeseen complications. If needed, try to bring foods that rely less on appliances.

Prep the RV. The last thing you’ll want is to have a major issue the morning of the big trip. (We’ve all been there!) It is always worthwhile to get the RV prepared the day or night before. Make sure you turn on the fridge hours before you leave so it’s cool by the time you take off. Consider seeing how much space you have with everyone’s clothes packed by doing a test run. This way, if you need to rearrange anything, it won’t happen on the road. You’ll also want to save some space for whatever you pick up along the way!

Pack accordingly. With that being said, a key to any RV trip is not over-packing. Only bring one or two sets of clothing for each physical activity. If you’re hiking, bring two pairs of jeans, not four. If you’re swimming, a bathing suit or two will due. Space is sacred on the RV, and you’ll likely not use those other clothes anyway. So pack tightly, but efficiently.

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