How to Keep Your RV Clean on a Camping Trip

Going on a camping trip is always fun, especially in an RV. Most of the time, the cleaning part after you return from your trip is a pain in the rear end. We may always say to ourselves that we won’t make a mess next time, but it seems we always end up with the same mess and problem after the camping trip. 

Here are some ways you can prevent having to clean so much after an RV Camping trip: 

Clean interior of RV

Pack Your Necessities

Decluttering is a major part of keeping your RV clean. When you start to pack for an RV trip, only pack the necessities. If you start to throw in unnecessary items and materials in your RV, you’re going to have a clutter-filled RV on a trip, which will set you up for a mess in the end. You’re giving yourself more work to do by packing more than you need. 

Keeping the Floors Clean 

When you’re out on a camping trip, it can be tough to keep your RV floors clean. There are ways you can prevent yourself from bringing dirt, mud, and other grime into the RV. One way is to always take off your boots or shoes before entering the RV. Keep a mat outside the RV to take off your boots. If there is rain, have a clean pair of sandals for when you’re in the RV, and store your outdoor shoes in the storage compartment underneath the RV. 

Invest in a small vacuum, so if you do end up getting the floors dirty after a long day of hiking or exploring, you can quickly clean up the dirt off the floor. 

Keep Your Garbage Put Away

Making sure that you’re keeping your garbage in a designated spot stored away is also very important for keeping your RV clean while on a trip. Make sure that countertops aren’t filled with wrappers or other pieces of garbage is a relief when you have to clean at the end of the trip. Don’t let your RV get filled with garbage because you’ll have quite a bit to clean and take out when you’re done. 

Food is also another problem you may deal with. When camping, it’s important to only buy food supplies for what you need and what you’ll be eating. Spending money on other food that are considered treats is fine, but make sure you don’t have too much left over because you’ll have to throw it out. 

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