Helpful Tips for Spring Cleaning your RV

RV CleaningAn RV is more than just a camper is; it is your second home. This was (hopefully) not a purchase you made frivolously or lightly, which means you care about your RV. In order to keep your investment beautiful, new, and healthy, you will need to care for her and love her as a part of your family. Much like boats, many believe that personifying and naming your RV will actually keep it nicer longer. That might help, but it certainly is no replacement for cleaning and maintaining your RV.

Superstition aside, you will want to take the proper care to ensure that your RV stays in top condition for as long as possible. In addition to the basic tune-ups and preventative maintenance, you will want to do a deep “spring cleaning” after winter is over. After all, the inside of your RV is like a home, so there’s bound to be some housekeeping to be done.

Use this checklist to get yourself motivated on spring-cleaning your RV. Some tasks are simple enough to pass off to the kids as chores, lucky you!

  • Air out the Interior of the RV
  • Examine the interior thoroughly for insects, nests, and pets
  • Check for deteriorating or rusty spots on your RV and contact repair services if you need them, immediately.
  • Take the RV for an oil change, tire rotation, filter change, and other preventative maintenance as suggested by your dealer or owner’s manual
  • Check the battery and water system
  • Review your insurance coverage on your RV
  • Vacuum the Interior Carpeting
  • Steam Clean Upholstery
  • Scrub and Sanitize the toilet, shower, and sinks
  • Wash all bedding and clean all mattresses
  • Empty storage and throw away unwanted items

Spring is a time for new beginnings; use the momentum from spring cleaning to think about maybe revamping your camper. Check out Little Vintage Trailer for great Glamping and RV decorating ideas, most of which are simple DIY projects that are perfect for making your RV your vacationing utopia.