Restoring and Decorating Your Vintage Trailer for Glamping!

Camping is growing in popularity, which means interest in modern and vintage RV is growing. Vintage RV’s are a huge thing right now, metaphorically speaking, of course (have you seen the average vintage trailer?). Vintage RV’s and trailers are wooing campers of all ages, with their antiquity and charm. There’s something to be said about the world of Vintage trailers, and the luxurious, yet simple way of enjoying nature, called “Glamping”.

What is Glamping?

Exactly what it sounds like: glamorous camping. Your rugged outdoors type (the one who likes to get dirty and practically live in the woods) isn’t your average “glamper”. This luxurious camping style consists of a homey feeling in a beautifully restored and decorated vintage trailer. Glamping is a great way to satisfy the urge for being in nature, without sacrificing the glamour and fabulous lifestyle you love. Glamping: camping for even the girliest of girls.

Where Can You Display Your “Glamped-Out” Vintage Trailer?

When you’ve restored and decorated your trailer to your liking, surely you’ll want to show it off. Campgrounds are host to campers and glampers of all ages and genders; so, go ahead… glam out your trailer and get to talking with other people about all of the amazing glamping projects you can do for your temporary abode.
Little Vintage Trailer

Visit Little Vintage Trailer for great décor ideas! Give your trailer a diner theme and setting with aluminum siding, a chalkboard door (as seen on, and attractive pennants for the entryway! In fact, LVT is so crafty and helpful, you can learn how to make your own, or use their free printable pennants. This is only one of many adorable glamping themes; you can find a lot more ideas like this on Pinterest!