Escape the Material World, Hop in Your RV

Our world continues to be on the rise for new technology and disconnect with reality.  We tend to get caught up in the online and social media world that we don’t recognize what we are missing out on. One way for you and your family to escape the mess of our everyday lives is to take a simple vacation in your RV. This might be needed to get away from the stresses of work and school.

RV road trip with family in CaliforniaPlan the Trip Your Family Wants

Don’t just hop in the vehicle and drive. Plan a weekend trip out with your family and figure out what places you’d like to see and stop along the way.  The open road is a great way to see the world through a different lens other than your phone.  An RV is a great way for your family to feel comfortable and not crammed.

Here are some weekend places in California to take your family in the RV:

  • Silver Strand State Beach
  • Riverside Campground and Cabins
  • Furnace Creek Campground
  • Hawk’s Nest Tionesta
  • Anza-Borrego Desert State Park
  • Flying Flags RV Resort
  • Pyramid Lake RV Resort

The list above of the best weekend RV camping trips provide you and your family with some of the best views in California.  They differ in landscapes, whether you would like to be surrounded by beach-front views, the redwood coast, Death Valley desert, mountains, etc. There are landscapes for everyone’s taste, and they make for great getaways in nature.

There are immense benefits from RV traveling and camping.  They give you a chance to hit the open road, while being able to stop and rest.  It is an escape from the stresses of your everyday life, and it creates a family bonding moment.  We are so distracted by the material world, we can sometimes forget what’s the most important thing in our lives.

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