Emergency RV Kit: What to Pack

Emergency RV Kit: What to PackHere at Hemet Valley RV, we, like most people, associate RVs with good times. It usually means you’re out on a vacation or taking on a new adventure with loved ones. We think of RVs lakeside, beachside, or roadside, soaking up the rays of summer, while everyone is outside enjoying themselves. But be it on the road, or parked, you never know what could go wrong on a trip. That’s why it’s a necessity that you always carry an emergency RV kit.

If you’re not sure what your RV emergency kit should include, Hemet Valley RV has outlined our best suggestions!

Waterproof everything.
One of the likely emergencies that arise with RVs is often water-related; a rainstorm, a leak inside the RV, or a bad storm have the potential of ruining your prized possessions, and other things you may need in the RV. So it’s worth having items inside of the kit that can withstand this. Some recommendations: waterproof matches; waterproof poncho; and anything that relies on batteries, rather than electrical outlets. Speaking of water: it’s also worth bringing water purification tablets and drinkable water, too.

Don’t forget about the RV. Another potential emergency—and you may have already experienced this one—is the RV itself breaking down. Yikes! But if you’re prepared, a RV malfunction can be avoided entirely. Bring the basics: jumper cables; window scraper; seatbelt cutter tool; a tire repair kit; duct tape; first med kit; and a utility knife.

Light it up. We all know that electricity is all fine and dandy until the battery goes out. Going without power in the midst of a storm, or vacation, can prove problematic, and you’ll want items inside of your RV emergency kit that keeps you lit. So pack a battery-powered flashlight; an emergency hand-crank radio; emergency candles; and green light sticks that last up to at least 12 hours.

Once you have all these packed, your RV will be ready to take on its next great adventure. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask us. Here at Hemet Valley RV, we’re always happy to help. Contact us today!