Determining Mesa patterns and show measurement using Hemet Valley RV printouts

The time has come. Your RV needs repair and renovation. No RV lasts forever and there comes a time when the siding needs repair. This is multi-step process. For the novice RV owner, it can be a rather difficult process. The renovation involves much precision.

If you need to repair your RV’s siding, you first must determine what Mesa pattern you have. Is it 1” Mesa or 2“Custom Mesa? There is a variety of Mesa siding out there. Just go to the Siding Patterns page on our website. The trailer on the top of the page is 1” Custom Mesa. If your siding pattern is 1”Mesa, for example, you would print out the picture and page, take it outside and compare with your trailer. There is a measuring diagram to help customers identify what measure they have. This is the first thing to do.

The next thing to do is to try to measure the individual panel. Just go to our Measuring Siding page and determine if metal is on coach or off coach. If on the coach, you need to determine the show measurement by measuring from the S-lock above the piece you are measuring to the bottom of the S-lock. Then add 2-3/4” to initial number. This will give you the actual blank size of the piece needed. If metal is off coach, measure from the top raw edge down to the exposed portion of the S-lock and add 2-1/4”.

When your siding needs repair and renovation, the three things you need to do are as follows: determine your Mesa pattern, measure the individual panel (determine show measurement) and give Hemet Valley RV a call! Our customer service is second-to-none. Oftentimes, if you are confused, we can do the math for you, but if you do not call, we cannot help!