Decorating Ideas for Your RV

RV SidingThough your RV is not home, during certain times of the year, it feels like home. If you plan to spend months, or even just weeks out of the year, traveling on the road, you will want your RV to be as beautiful, organized, and comfortable as possible.

Decorating your RV is like decorating any small space; you will need to consider using items that take up little room, and make the space appear larger and feel more expansive. With some creativity, and the right items, your RV can feel just like the perfect home away from home.

Here are a few simple and space-saving ideas for decorating your family’s RV:

Utilize every space

When you are living and traveling in small spaces like RV’s, it is important to use every nook and cranny of it; such as the compartments inside of doors, and the above-head spaces. These are areas where books, CD’s, or even shoes, can be stored.

Purchase items that can be hung

Items that can be hidden away or hung, like trash bins made to hang from the inside of a cabinet door, are perfect for this space. It will only make your RV look crowded and unsafe, to have items taking up space on the floor. Another important reason to buy items that can be attached or hung, is safety. You don’t want things like trash bins, flying around the RV, if you need to make a sudden stop, or are driving on a rough patch in the road.

Bring special items from home

Since most RV vacationers spend at least two weeks at-a-time traveling, bringing a few special items from home, adds that cozy feeling to your surroundings. These can be simple things like, books, or photos, or scrapbooks. Particularly, if you are traveling with children, bringing some of their favorite toys or stuffed animals along, can make them feel at ease.

Use vintage-looking mason jars for storage

Mason jars are great for many things, but especially for storing bunches of small items, such as, nails, paper clips, rubber bands, and even snacks for the kids, like trail mix, or jelly beans. You can create a fun project to get the kids involved, like having them paint, decorate, and label the mason jars, so everyone will know what is inside.

Peg boards are great for hanging pots and utensils

Peg boards are extremely useful in small spaces. You can use them creatively to hang your pots and utensils, and any other kitchen items you will need daily. You can also get creative with these, by painting them, before hanging your kitchen items. This is another economical and space-saving project in which the whole family can participate.