Classic Look, Modern Toys

Classic and vintage styles are hot right now, and one of the biggest trends in what people look for in their homes, décor and RVs. There is something so homey about traveling across the country or just to the campground with something that reminds you of your childhood, but with all the modern amenities included. In speaking of the classics, restoring a classic RV or making replicas and models is amazing work to do and watch.

The video below captures a time lapse of 12 people constructing a caravan made out of toy bricks during the course of 1,000 hours that even has running water! The caravan is made of 215,158 interlocking Lego bricks and it was certified as the world’s largest by a Guinness World Records adjudicator, according to the BBC.

It is pretty impressive what people can do nowadays with some friends, lots of time and some creative ingenuity. The camping classics that we remember from our childhood were so similar to this. There was room enough for two people to sleep and had a compact kitchen area. It could be towed by almost any vehicle and it was small enough to put on any campsite. What is represented in this video is a great reminder of the past brought to live with modern toys.

Even though classic and vintage RVs may have more than a few miles on them, there is just something cool to be said about owning and traveling in one. Just like when your parents and grandparents set out on the open road years ago, an RV is meant to be used and enjoyed by the family, bringing them closer together. It is so great to see this representation being built and admired by so many years later after this design became popular.