Are the American Road Trippers Back?

Our day jobs seem monotonous at times, and we tend to get caught up in a routine that we think is beneficial for us. In reality, routine is just a way of passing time and making excuses as to why you can’t do something spontaneous and adventurous.

Man driving Rv on family road trip across the country

Oliver Wendell Holmes once said, “A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”

A new experience and adventure could mean you’ll ditch your routines. This could be the best thing for you if you’re caught up in going through the motions of your everyday life. Time moves faster when you’re not having fun. You’ll look back and regret not taking the time to travel, take a road trip, rent and rv, etc.

Road Tripping is Gaining Popularity Again

What’s the reason for this trend? We wonder if it’s because more younger professionals are continuing to discover what it’s like to be in a routine. Throughout history, generations have been pushing the “work all your life, then retire at 65” idea. On paper, this is daunting, especially for young, college graduates who are just entering into the workforce.

What’s causing this trend?

There are several reasons why this trend is gaining popularity. For one, the travel options have increased tremendously in the past several years. For example, Airbnb, Uber, and other platforms are the cause of increased travel.

Millennials have a tendency to think outside the box when it comes to vacationing. The traditional vacations aren’t so popular anymore. Road tripping across the country in an RV to an unpopular destination is more popular to them.

Exploration is the key to a good road trip. Many travelers now believe the key to a good road trip is to not have an agenda. You can have stops planned out, but no more than that. Going where the wind blows is something of a spontaneous and adventurous lifestyle that people are drawn to these days.

Rental Options for RV’s and Campers are More Available

The ability to rent a camper or an RV plays a significant part in why road tripping is gaining popularity. There are plenty of opportunities for you to rent an RV or a camper to take on a road trip, which means you obviously don’t need to own one to make a great road trip happen.

Hop on the trend! Upgrade Your RV

If you already own an RV or a camper, you’re one step a head of the game now. If you haven’t taking it out for a trip in several years, it may be time to give your RV a little bit of a makeover. At Hemet Valley RV, we offer RV and camper parts such as entry doors, molding and rails, and filon and fiberglass siding.

Don’t leave your vehicle sitting all your long in your driveway rotting away…

If you don’t have room for your camper or RV in your driveway, get a storage place to leave it in. Taking care of an RV or camper you own will give you a reason to hop in it and take off on the road again.

Hemet Valley RV

Hemet Valley RV has manufactured aluminum and fiberglass siding for the RV repair industry since 1995. We make it easy to refurbish and repair RV’s. California is a great place to escape your daily life and start traveling. Don’t be afraid of hopping in an RV because of the size of it and the so-called “hassle” that it is.  If you try it, you will be happily surprised on how great it is to travel in one. If you’re looking to upgrade or repair your siding of your RV, contact Hemet Valley RV at 951-765-5075 today!