6 Ways to Become a Neighborly RV Boondocker

RV Camping Tips for BoondockersCalifornia plays host to large numbers of RV boondockers throughout the state each year, and that comes as no surprise as about 10 million American RV owners travel around the country on a regular basis to “go off the grid.” No matter where you stay on your journey, you should make sure you are always courteous and mindful of road rules, parking restrictions, and proper etiquette.

We love visitors to our state, which is why we are offering you 6 tips for becoming a neighborly RV Boondocker to make your trip as easy–going as it ought to be.

Respect the Space

While most RV boondockers are friendly enough, there’s usually a reason why they’re traveling out into nature to get off the grid or seek shelter in a Walmart parking lot for the night. They don’t want to be bothered by others. Everyone needs their space, so just be mindful of parking too close to another vehicle.

Find a Free RV Campsite

If you’re planning to stay at an RV campsite for a night or longer, find a designated parking space for your RV rather than making a space on your own. When you park your RV somewhere it doesn’t belong, there is a greater chance that you may disrupt the natural environment. We recommend searching for free California RV campsites where your vehicle is welcomed.

Keep Noise to a Minimum

You might feel like letting loose by getting away in your RV, but your fellow boondockers won’t appreciate it if you start blasting a radio or let your pet run wild. They are typically trying to get away from the hustle and bustle, not surround themselves in it.

Pack up your Grills and Outdoor Equipment

There are some campgrounds and other RV sites that will allow boondockers to put their grills and outdoor equipment to good use. But in general, boondockers should resist the urge to use these things unless there are signs specifically permitting them. And when your stay is over, always make sure to leave the grounds exactly how you found them. That means cleaning up messes to make the space suitable for the next set of boondockers who come to town.

Be Friendly, but Don’t Overstay Your Welcome

While you’re welcomed to park your RV in many places in California, you shouldn’t overstay your welcome. There will usually be a time limit posted for when you’re expected to leave. Pay attention to signage and make sure you don’t exceed this.

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