5 Upgrades You Should Consider for Your RV

Whether you have an old RV, or you haven’t used your RV in a while, it’s always important to research new upgrades and updates to consider for your RV. The market is always presenting new tools and ways to RV camp every year, which is why it’s crucial to stay on top of them. You could be improving your camping routine or the RV in general for your next trip. 

Here are some upgrades you should consider for your RV:

Solar panel RV upgrade

Solar Power

Solar power isn’t necessary for everyone, but it can come in handy for boondocking at campsites in national parks. There are many national parks across the country that allow for boondocking, which means you’ll have to hookups available to you. Solar panels that are installed on top of your RV can provide you with electrical energy to power your amenities in the RV. 

Another amazing benefit of installing solar panels is the environmental impact. Renewable energy will allow you to decrease your carbon footprint and cut energy costs to a minimum. This can be an ideal situation if you plan to boondock your RV much more frequently on your camping trips. 

RV Backup Camera

If you’ve driven an RV before, you understand that it can be a real pain backing up the RV into a campsite. With a wireless backup camera, you’ll enjoy the convenience of being able to see directly behind you. It will also help you to drive safer out on the road by keeping an eye on approaching vehicles behind the RV. Ultimately, it provides you with a safer way of driving and maneuvering the RV. 

Lighting Upgrade

The lighting in your RV can use a lot of energy, which means it might be time to upgrade to LED lighting. LED lights consume up to 90% less power than incandescent light bulbs. They also have a longer lifespan than other light bulbs. The biggest benefit to LED lights is that they are eco-friendly, so you can recycle them. Another feature that you will enjoy is the dimming aspect of LED lights. They produce little infrared light. 

Exterior Siding 

Not only are there upgrades you can invest in on the interior, but there are also exterior upgrades you can do to your RV. One of them being the RV siding. Over the years, your RV siding can experience wear and tear from the weather and years of road trips. The best thing to do to update your exterior siding is to reach out to Hemet Valley RV

The Benefits of New Siding: 

Filon and Fiberglass siding from us can help reinforce and renew your RV for years to come. We also can provide with replacement pieces, updates and repairs for the RV industry. 

Hemet Valley RV

While upgrading your RV is beneficial for the future, another thing to think about is proper storage for your RV. One of the reasons many RV’s tend to be worn out much more is the fact that many RV’s sit in homeowners’ driveways without being moved. If you want your RV to last a lifetime, it’s important you take proper care of your RV. Storing your vehicle can put years back on the life of your RV, which can provide you with more road trips with the family. 

At Hemet Valley RVwe can provide you with storage, so when you take your RV out next, you won’t have to worry about any weather-related wear and tear. Contact Hemet Valley RV at 951-765-5075 today for more information on RV siding and storage or visit us online for more information!